Need For Downsizing Your Home

As you begin the Home Downsizing process, one of the first questions you have to ask yourself is "What are you trying to accomplish by downsizing?" Different people will be downsizing for different reasons. What are your downsizing goals and objectives?

Removing Memories: Have you recently lost a loved one, through death or divorce, or does your current situation contain too many bad memories of better times past? In certain circumstances, it may be best to move on to a new home or surroundings and get on with the next phase of your life. With the help of professionals, you can downsize to a new home, right where you live.


Removing the Excess Clutter: Do you need to simplify your life by removing much of the accumulated clutter that is all around you, just to make more room? I have been in homes where there was just a little clutter laying around. And I have been in other homes where you couldn't physically enter a room because it was packed so full.

Financing a Special Project: Are you seeking to raise cash to finance a grand child's college education, reduce your debt, buy a boat or recreational vehicle, purchase a destination resort property, or move into a retirement community?

Consolidating: Are you consolidating two or more homes and need to remove the excess personal property? For some it means cleaning house after consolidating a family member's estate into their house. 

Estate Situation: Are you handling an estate that needs to be disposed of? We have seen situations where a loved one passed away and the family couldn't let go of the personal property, so they placed it in storage, planning on dealing with it after the grieving period had subsided.