Tobacco companies were expelled from the conference of the FCTC in Seoul

Free Snuff Organization

For a healthier environment in Paraguay (FCTC)

According to the organization Corporate Accountability International , Big Tobacco were expelled from the committee meetings of the FCTC conference that is taking place in Seoul, Korea. Comment that industry lobbyists and members of their front groups were expelled from the premises where meetings after members of civil society, including Corporate Accountability International, has developed expose after infiltrate them with IDs for the public “. This important action reinforces Article 5.3 of the treaty, which expressly prohibits the involvement of the tobacco industry in public health policies.

The conference continues, the concrete results are still expected by the end of the week and include the adoption of the guidelines for taxes on snuff products that will serve as a roadmap for countries to implement fiscal policies in this regard.

Conference 2012 in Korea FCTC


The Conference of the Parties to the WHO FCTC will hold its fifth meeting (COP5) from 12 to November 17, 2012 at the Convention and Exhibition Center (COEX) in Seoul (Republic of Korea). It is extremely important that consensus has been reached on Illicit Trade Protocol, which will be a great challenge for our country, which must implement it.

Photographs taken at the event held to commemorate the World No Smoke, May 31, in the Hall Ruy Diaz de Guzman of the Manzana de la Ribera, Asuncion, Paraguay.

In the event the Free Snuff Organization award for the following companies, which participated in the campaign 100% Free !, declaring its Smoke Free Snuff establishments in favor of the health of its customers and employees:

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